Thursday, June 2, 2011

Physical Reasons For Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men

Erectile dysfunction is a term used for the medical condition where a man is unable to get an erection. Men are often affected by this condition after they reach the age of 50 years or more, but sometimes this problem happens to the younger man. There are certain life-style factors and specific medical conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction in young men.

Some of the major medical reasons of erectile dysfunction in young men under 40 years of age are smoking, too much alcohol, using drugs, heart disease and heart conditions, diabetes, a sedentary life style and obesity.
Here is how each of these factors affects the health of a young man in a negative way, resulting in his inability to get an erection:

A cigarette is not as innocent as it looks. In a cigarette there are many unhealthy substances such as tar, carcinogens and nicotine. When a person inhales the smoke, all these substances get into the lungs and build up there. These substances, once inside the body, contribute to a condition called arterial sclerosis.

This condition results in hardening of the arteries, and therefore the heart has to do an increased amount of work to deliver enough blood to all parts of the human body. The heart works as hard as it can, but all the unhealthy substances that have built up makes it more and more difficult for the heart to pump enough blood to the penis when an erection is expected. When there is not enough blood being delivered to the penis, the erection does not happen or only partly happens. A person who smokes can experience erectile dysfunction when trying to have sexual intercourse for this reason.

Alcohol can play tricks on you when you consume too much of it. At first, because the alcohol acts as a depressant to the nervous system, you may feel more relaxed, happy and aroused. When under the effect of alcohol many people tend to become more sexually excited and keen to have intercourse.

However, your brain can miss the signals while under the effect of alcohol, and not send the necessary neurons to the male erogenous zones. If a young man experiences erectile dysfunction after consuming too much alcohol, the reason for it might just as well be the fact that his brain “missed' sending the signals.

Young men who regularly drink too much alcohol can experience erectile dysfunction for longer periods of time, because of the damage the alcohol causes to the nervous system in the long run.

Drugs affect the central nervous system in a similar way to alcohol. However, while the alcohol leaves the system within 12 hours, narcotics take up to 48 hours to leave the body, and their effect lasts longer.

Heart disease and heart conditions
Heart disease is one of the main medical conditions that cause serious erectile dysfunction in young men. The reasons for heart decease occurring are genetic, but factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lack of exercise, bad eating habits, smoking, obesity and others can worsen this condition. A weak heart, or a heart that has to work extra hard, can sometimes be unable to deliver enough blood for an erection to happen.

Diabetes and Obesity
Under both these conditions hardening of the arteries can occur. As a result, the easy and efficient flow of blood does not work to its full capacity. The body does not get blood delivered quickly enough, and as a result erectile dysfunction can happen. Additionally, people who are obese have extra fat deposits stored around their organs, including the heart. This makes it even harder for the heart to pump the blood and provide enough blood to the penis for an erection.

For a young man with erectile dysfunction it is a good idea for him to adjust his meal plan. Incorporating more healthy foods and having less fatty and salty foods in the diet can help long term, and solve some of the conditions causing erectile dysfunction.

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