Thursday, June 23, 2011

4 Ways In Which Lack Of Sleep Can Kill You

Sleep is as vital to our well being as any other aspect of healthy living. We need our fair share of sleep in order to function properly and more importantly, in order for our body to function properly. It is essential to be able to ward of illnesses as well as staying safe. Our immune system suffers greatly when we deprive ourselves of sleep, making us much more susceptible to common viruses and bacteria. This is especially true when we are older, as in retirement age and beyond. A lack of sleep also interferes with the body's ability to process food and convert energy. Let's face it, sleep is a vital part of our health.

If we are deprived of sleep over a long time period, we face other challenges as well. Losing sleep can…

• Decreases the effectiveness of our body's organs
• Builds stress levels to unhealthy proportions
• Negatively affects our state of mind
• Decreases our state of awareness.

Accidents Happen

Losing sleep over a long period of time decreases our state of awareness and causes unsafe conditions. This increases the likelihood of injury due to accident. When you lose sleep, you lose the ability to focus and maintain a chain of thought. This makes driving much more risky than it already is and could have fatal consequences.

Sleep Could Become The Law For Drivers

Many states are looking into laws that punish drivers who have not had enough sleep. Tests are being developed, like the sobriety field tests given to drivers who are suspected of being over the legal limit of blood alcohol content. Lack of sleep cause our reflexes to slow down and affects the concentration needed to operate safely, a motor vehicle. Those who drive with to little sleep could face tickets and penalties in the very near future should they be caught.

Unhealthy State Of Mind

Continuous loss of sleep also affects our state of mind. When we are overly tired, we become irritable However, being irritable and being in an ill mood is dangerous all by their lonesome. The world in which we live has little tolerance for rude people and you could lose your temper with the wrong person. To be blunt, there are a lot of crazy people out there. Snapping at the wrong one could get you hurt or worse with the quickness.

Stress Kills

When we lose sleep, we find stress. Stress builds up in our minds and our bodies. Stress can directly affect your heart rate and blood pressure. In other words, stress can kill you. Stress can be especially dangerous if it builds up over a long period of time. If you are having an ongoing problem with insomnia, you are likely having an ongoing problem with stress and it is not just your blood pressure that is affected.

Rest In Peace

Lack of sleep is unhealthy in that it affects the way our bodies perform. The kidneys will not operate the way they should and our liver shows signs of decreased function. Our eyes will also play tricks on us if we have not slept in a while. Many physicians suggest that you lay down and rest even if you cannot sleep. While resting does not take the place of a good nights sleep, it can help slow down the bodies’ deterioration from lack of sleep.

See Your Doctor

These are just a few of the things that can happen if you do not get enough sleep over a long period of time. People who have this problem over their lifetime live shorter lives than those of us who do sleep. While not everyone requires a full 8 hours of sleep, it is at least recommended that we strive for 5 to 6 hours. Remember, even if you cannot sleep, you should try to rest. See your family physician for medical help as insomnia is a world wide legitimate medical condition that should not be left untreated.

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