Monday, August 22, 2011

Treatment Tips For Dry Skin on Your Face

Dry facial skin is a vexing yet benign ailment that we everyone has to deal with sooner or later . Even though facial skin is nurtured more than any other part of our body, it is also fragile and very exposed to the elements. Clothing protects the skin on the rest of your body, but the face can't be kept covered always .

Complexion problems on the face are very common skin problems. Dryness, for instance, may last up to several days and even though certain remedies seem to work temporarily, it can become a chronic condition. Facial dry skin is common during the winter but some people may experience this throughout the year. There’s no need to fret and restoring your skin is actually quite simple, even without anti wrinkle creams .

When the skin is unable to retain moisture and the sebum level decreases , it becomes dry and looks rough. It seems like it is being stretched like the skin of a drum , feeling very uncomfortable and sometimes even itchy. Exceedingly dry skin looks cracked and chapped which can cause a great deal of pain . Dryness can affect every area of your face, but the lips and cheeks seem to be most commonly found .

Dehydration is the basic and most frequent cause of dry skin anyplace on your body. If you are not getting sufficient water throughout the day or consuming excess caffeine or high fructose corn syrup , you could experience the unwatned side effects of mild dehydration. Unhealthy eating habits could also be impacting your dry skin problem . Vitamin A and vitamin B deficiencies are known to contribute to this widespread problem.

Certain harsh soaps, creams, make-up and cleaning products might cause irritation to the skin when they come in contact with it. If you are prone to some allergies and take allergy medication, the drugs can make all your mucose membranes very dry as well. Even environmental factors such as excessive sun, wind or cold also lead to this problem. As you can see, the reasons for dry skin are endless, but so are the remedies.

Keep your skin hydrated by drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water daily . Eat a nutritious diet which should include fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains . Raw foods are particularly beneficial in matters of skin dryness . Foods high in sulfur, like onions, eggs and garlic are must for a soft and supple skin. You should also have fresh juices of vegetables & fruits instead of sugar laden soft drinks .

Try to completely eradicate the consumption of fried foods, soft drinks, candy bars and other junk food . Avoid alcohol and caffeine as they contribute to the dehydration of your body . Chamomile or Mentha piperita tea has been found to be beneficial for treating a dry skin problem .

Remember to moisturize every day but always on a clean face. Exfoliate skin often with a mild, non-abrasive product. The moisturizer will be much more effective after this process. When you wash your face, remember that hot water may feel good but in fact, it dries your skin . Always use lukewarm water and do not scrub your skin with harsh sponges or even the towel.

There are many natural wholesome skin care products that contain a complete therapy line for your dry facial skin. If you wish to eliminate the annoying symptoms of dry facial skin always choose a simple, natural day cream that’s light yet shielding against the elements. Discard any cosmetic with harsh chemicals or unfamiliar substances that will only aggravate the itchiness and tightness . With very easy effort on your part you can get rid of skin dryness for many years to come.

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